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Our History: The Stearns & Foster Story®

— by Stearns & Foster on Jul 15, 2021

When you think about a Stearns & Foster® mattress, what comes to mind? For us, it’s timeless, hand-crafted luxury and premium ingenuity all wrapped up in a perfect night’s sleep. We’re confident our mattresses will live up to your expectations because we’ve been building our collection for 175 years — that’s right, we’ve been around longer than many of the popular items and brands you know!

Let’s head back to 1846 in Cincinnati, OH — years before an Atlanta pharmacist will invent Coca-Cola or the first Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line in Michigan. George Sullivan Stearns, a businessman and industrialist from Massachusetts, partnered with Kentucky native Seth Cutter Foster, a purveyor of cotton goods, to create the company we all know and love. However, they didn’t always have mattresses in mind — they first produced cotton wadding and other cotton-based goods and upholstery for horse carriages. But they focused on comfort, luxury and taste right from the start — and soon after began manufacturing and selling Stearns & Foster® mattresses to high-end hotels.

An old Good Furniture magazine ad for Stearns and Foster mattreses displaying a billboard.jpg

In 1993, after more than 125 years of experience with luxury textiles, we merged with America’s most-trusted mattress brand, Sealy® (formerly the Ohio Mattress Company). Since then, we’ve never stopped building distinctively unique products focused on quality workmanship—now proudly celebrating our 175th year (and counting).

In 2009, we launched our iconic Stearns & Foster® look, bringing luxurious, hand-stitched mattresses to the bedrooms of millions of stylish sleepers just like you. And still as elegant as ever, we’ve never considered sacrificing comfort for design—so why should you? Experience the difference of time-honored craftsmanship for yourself. Let us be a part of your history.

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