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— by Stearns & Foster on Aug 5, 2021

If you're anything like us, your bed is more than a place where you simply lay your head at night. Your bed is the space where your best ideas take shape and your tomorrows become reality. Even Edith Wharton, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in Literature, wrote in her bed from the early hours to 11:00 AM every morning for over twenty years. And, Yoko Ono and John Lennon famously shared their bed with the world during their bed-in for peace — surrounded by flowers and buttoned-up in their best PJs only days after their wedding. Make your bed beautiful, inviting, and creative so you can wake up rested and ready for the day.

A bed with cream linens on a pink velvet frame in a styled room with a cream chair in the corner

Start with Sheets

While shopping for sheets might not be as exciting as picking a new duvet or statement headboard, select the perfect first layer to wrap up in every night. Don't get too hung up on the thread count, but instead choose a fabric that's breathable, soft, and (of course) unique. From hot pink to crisp white, sheets set the tone for great sleep.

Consider Color

Impressionist painter Claude Monet said it best, "Color is my day-long obsession," and we couldn't agree more. From Tranquil Blues to Desert Dream, choosing a color palette does more than bring a cohesive look to your home, it amplifies your unique style and personality. Consider adding a bright pop of embroidery, a rich velvet headboard, or a colorful trim to add personal touches to your bedroom.

Layer with Texture

Add tactile texture to your room to create an inviting, restful space. Consider a chunky knit blanket, a linen quilt, or an embroidered duvet. In addition to fabrics, you may want to add a statement headboard to your space. A rich velvet, tufted linen, or hand-carved wood backdrop can make your room burst with personality and style.

Pillow Talk

Is there anything more enticing than a bed piled with pillows? Be honest, how many pillows do you actually have on your bed? If it's 2 or more, you're not alone—the average person sleeps with 2.2 pillows.* Add plush comfort for sleeping and a few extra pops of color to bring cozy warmth to your sleep space. We recommend three pillows for smaller beds and no more than six pillows for larger beds — you’ll want to keep the look comfortable without feeling cluttered.

Before starting any new design projects, spend some time planning your palettes and consider what you want each room in your home to say. Compile a mood board and take your time building your vision, so even the most colorful rooms feel intentional and thoughtful.

Source: Sleep Foundation

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