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Materials Matter: Meet IntelliCoil®

— by Stearns & Foster on Aug 9, 2021

We know how much care—as a discerning decorator—you put into making your bedroom your sleep sanctuary. You’ve never compromised style for comfort, and now you don’t have to. Sure, your Stearns & Foster® mattress looks beautiful, but it’s not just beauty you’ll be dreaming about. Quality begins below the surface, past the luxe velvet and elegant embroidery—meet the IntelliCoil®.

Stearns & Foster Craftsman demonstrating how patented Intellicoil technology works.

The world’s finest bed wouldn’t be complete without the world’s finest innerspring. Created in 2009 by our in-house spring experts, this unique nested coil design—the only continuous coil-within-coil available on the market— is patented to provide ultimate support in each of our mattress models. The larger exterior coil is the first interaction a sleeper has with the IntelliCoil® system. This coil is designed to provide a softer feel, responding to the lightest initial touch. Within the larger coil, we included a smaller, nested coil. This cone-shaped inner coil provides a larger range of response, distributing the necessary support to all sleepers. The more pressure or weight that this coil receives, the more support it provides.

This innovation in craftsmanship allows the individual coils to work together as one, providing customized support to reduce tossing and turning on your mattress. But we didn’t stop there—we took this idea and evolved it into three variations of the IntelliCoil®, all designed to deliver your best night’s sleep.

IntelliCoil® HD

This version of our one-of-a-kind innerspring design is available in the Estate, Lux Estate, Hybrid and Reserve lines. IntelliCoil® HD features the coils in a densely packed arrangement to provide even more adaptive support for every type of sleeper.

IntelliCoil® Micro Layer

The IntelliCoil® Micro Layer is another variation of IntelliCoil® technology, designed to stretch across the entire mattress for long-lasting support, resulting in plush, yet supportive comfort. You’ll find the IntelliCoil® Micro Layer in our Lux Estate and Lux Estate models.

IntelliCoil® Micro Layer HD

Exclusive to our legendary hand-crafted Reserve collection, this layer located in the pillowtop offers luxurious comfort and support that only Stearns & Foster® craftmanship can provide.

At Stearns & Foster®, the materials matter. Discover the difference our Intellicoil® technology can make in your sleep.

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