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Back to the Basics (of Great Sleep)

— by Stearns & Foster on Aug 9, 2021

Mindy Kaling said it best when she wrote, “There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it,” in her 2011 memoir Is Everybody Hanging Without Me? Even though you might not be indulging in daily sunrises, it doesn't mean you're missing out. Sometimes, catching a few extra hours of slumber makes the greatest difference in our everyday lives. Get back to the basics of great sleep with Stearns & Foster® mattresses—made with supreme, indulging comfort in mind to deliver exceptional pressure relief and support.

A woman asleep, wearing a sleep mask on a green velvet frame next to a patterned wallpaper accent wall with pillows and blankets on the floor around her

Find a Ritual

Sticking to a routine will help your body learn when to wind down so you can fall asleep faster night after night. From skincare rituals to nightly reading, your bedtime routine can be as simple or complex as you like. We recommend beginning a bedtime ritual between 8-10 PM every night. For extra soothing comfort, consider including a bedtime meditation podcast in your routine for added relaxation and serenity. To stay even more consistent, set a wake-up time for every day of the week (yes, even weekends!), and limit naps when you can.

Craft a Comfy Space

Cultivating your ideal sleep space is a simple step to getting better sleep every night. First, start with choosing the best mattress to create the bedroom of your dreams. We recommend our bestselling Lux Estate Cassatt. Next, add touchable, comfy bedding – starting with breathable, comfortable sheets. Add plush pillows, a cozy quilt, and a lofty duvet for inviting layers to settle into every night. Then, check your light bulb wattage to make sure you're setting the best bedtime tone with ambient lighting. Swap those harsh LED lights for a lamp with a soft yellow glow to help send you off to Dreamland. Finally, set your thermostat to an ideal temperature for sleeping. We've found that a cooler temperature helps you get deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, so we suggest a setting between 65-68°F.

Exercise Regularly

Have you ever noticed that evening exercise prevents you from falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night? Exercise, particularly cardio, releases endorphins, or chemicals that stimulate brain activity, that can keep you awake. Consider switching to an early morning run or swapping your evening spin class with meditative yoga to help your body better understand when it's time to wake up or wind down.

Ditch Afternoon Caffeine

We get it—the 3 pm work lag is real and there's nothing like a steamy cup of espresso or a refreshing iced latte to pull you through an afternoon haze. However, late afternoon caffeine can carry over into bedtime, preventing your body and mind from relaxing. Try to resist consuming caffeinated beverages 4-6 hours before bedtime or consider switching to an herbal tea to promote quality sleep.

We understand—getting great sleep is no easy task. That’s why Stearns & Foster® mattresses are made for ultimate comfort – with exclusively designed foams and coils working in tandem to deliver exceptional pressure relief and support. Rest assured, every Stearns & Foster® mattress is exceptionally crafted to help you curate your best sleep yet.

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