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The Best Breakfasts in Bed

— by Stearns and Foster on Feb 10, 2023

Breakfast in bed feels like a luxury – something we rarely have time to accomplish. There's no time like the present this Valentine's Day to enjoy your favorite breakfast food while lounging in your handcrafted Stearns & Foster® mattress. But much like choosing the perfect bed to fit your ideal comfort preferences, everyone is unique in their breakfast choices. For some, grabbing a bowl of cereal while running out the door is sufficient, while for others, settling for anything less than a mile-high stack of pancakes is considered a crime. So, what’s your perfect fit?

Find your Perfect Pairing

Our Studio mattress is timeless and classic on all accounts. With the comfort and support you know you can count on, paired with classic, elegant designs, it will never go out of style. The Studio customer doesn’t look for the extra frills; they want something they will never grow tired of and trust to get a good night’s sleep, night after night. A classic breakfast-in-bed meal of eggs, bacon, and toast pairs perfectly with our Studio mattress. This well-loved meal with a hot cup of coffee is one you know you can always turn to, one that you're happy to see plated in front of you no matter who you are. It’s a trustworthy combination to help you start your day.

The Estate, while traditional in style and feel, shouldn’t be underestimated for its comfort and support. Our exclusive Intellicoil® innersprings and premium memory foam will cradle you while you sleep or enjoy the perfect breakfast in bed. Always sure to satisfy your hunger, Estate lovers – while still traditional – want to take their sleep (and breakfast) up a notch. A breakfast sandwich with home fries is the perfect breakfast in bed for you. Whether a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel, or a bacon, lettuce, egg, and tomato on sourdough, the breakfast sandwich options are endless. Take it to the next level by pairing it with freshly squeezed juice to complete your savory meal with the perfect level of sweetness.

woman sitting in bed and man filling her mug with coffee

You can’t spell Luxury without Lux Estate… or something like that. If you’ll be starting your Valentine’s Day the right way – having breakfast in your Lux Estate – it only makes sense to divulge in the delectable goodness of avocado toast and a refreshing iced coffee. Avocado toast is diverse; it can be "dressed up" to be as extravagant as you want or as simplistic and classic as you may need. Our Lux Estate mattress matches the avo-energy, offering customers several feels and constructions. If you’re searching for traditional, indulgent comfort, look no further than our Lux Estate mattress. However, the all-new Lux Estate Hybrid could be the perfect mattress for you if you want to take your sleep to the next level. Featuring our exclusive IntelliFlex™ Hybrid system for all-night support combined with our signature memory foam, the Lux Hybrid features comfort you won’t find in any other hybrid mattress.

For those who enjoy romanticizing every aspect of their life, including their breakfast, the Stearns & Foster® Reserve is for you. Much like a dreamy breakfast of homemade French toast and fresh fruit, this mattress, with its velvet details and stunning patterned fabrics, is exactly what you want to wake up to each morning. A honey latte and a vase of fresh flowers will perfectly accompany your breakfast routine because the small details will never go unnoticed.

Some may struggle to make up their minds – hot or cold, soft or firm, sweet or savory. To help combat some of life’s biggest decisions, the Reserve Duet™ is here for you. Unlike any mattress model we’ve ever made, the Reserve Duet™ features a removable, reversible pillow top featuring a cool-to-the-touch cover on one side and a breathable blend of wool on the other. The result? A comfortable slumber through every season. Just as the Reserve Duet™ provides the best of both worlds, one could say the same about Chicken and Waffles. Sweet syrup accompanied by savory chicken and fluffy waffles is a holistic breakfast choice for those who can’t (and shouldn’t have to) pick just one option. Top this one off with a fresh mimosa and create decadent brunch moments from the comfort of your bed.

Set the Scene

While a Stearns and Foster® mattress is a must for your breakfast-in-bed locale, like any good breakfast, you can add the right toppings or accessories to your mattress to maximize your sleep experience. The Ease® Power Base pairs effortlessly with any Stearns and Foster® mattress and will exceed your expectations with its head and foot tilt, providing an elevated surface to eat comfortably. Additionally, it's essential to protect your best night's sleep, which is why we always recommend using a mattress protector. Accidents can and do happen, so ensure you protect your most important investment before enjoying your fine dining experience.

stearns and foster matttress on a power base with white frame and pastry and coffee sitting on a table in the corner

Finally, take the time to optimize your breakfast in bed experience with a few important final touches. Of course, a basic bowl of cereal enjoyed in bed is still considered "breakfast in bed," but that doesn't make it memorable. Try enjoying your breakfast on a serving tray! A simple flat serving tray or one with fold-out legs that creates the perfect temporary table is an easy enhancement to your morning meals. Complete this setting with silverware, fresh flowers, and a good book!

Breakfast in bed isn't your typical everyday activity, so why not go all out to make it as meaningful as possible? We suggest starting your day off right and treating your partner or yourself to a special breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day. Looking for the perfect bed to host your breakfast dates in? Look no further than our new Stearns & Foster collection.

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