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Why Stearns & Foster®?

Unparalleled design. Exceptional, long-lasting quality and time-honored craftsmanship. Supreme, indulgent comfort. When you choose Stearns & Foster, you can rest assured that your mattress has been thoughtfully designed down to the last detail to provide an exceptional night's sleep.


What is the difference between Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid and Reserve?

Estate Collection: The Estate Collection is designed to deliver supreme comfort with Indulge Memory Foam, IntelliCoil® and PrecisionEdge™ and AirVent Systems.

Lux Estate Collection: The Lux Estate Collection includes all features and materials from Estate plus the extra touches you deserve such as velvet inset handles and embroidery, Indulge HD Memory Foam, IntelliCoil® HD and IntelliCoil® Micro Layer.

Lux Estate Hybrid Collection: Lux Estate Hybrid takes our time-honored craftsmanship to the next level by combining Indulge Memory Foam with IntelliCoil® HD for a mattress that’s as cozy as it is supportive.

Reserve Collection: Our Reserve Collection is our highest expression of craftsmanship that is hand tufted for durability with upholstery-grade velvet and embroidery plus all the features and materials you expect for one of-a-kind design, quality and feel.

What is a Split King?

A king-sized bed made of two Twin Long mattresses allowing you to share your bed without compromising your individual sleep preferences.

Why switch to a Split King?

Personalized feels– Mix and match the same or different feels to get a personalized sleep space for your best night’s sleep. Personalized adjustability– Add a power base for your own personalized experience. Sleep flat on your side while they sit-up and read on theirs.

Does CA King have a split option?


Will Split King beds separate?

Under normal conditions, they will not separate – particularly if they are used within a piece of furniture that surrounds the bed to help define the space. Even without a piece of furniture, it is rare that the beds will separate as the weight of the bases and the mattresses will require a decent amount of force to move.

Will I feel a gap between Split King mattresses?

The mattress edges are rounded therefore there may be a slight gap, but most owners do not feel it or have issues with it. If you choose to customize one side or the other, there will be a feel difference when you move from one side of the bed to the other.

Will your mattresses fit my current bed furniture and frame?

We design our mattresses to fit most standard size bed furniture and frames. Unless your product was not designed for the U.S. market, or is an unusual size, our mattresses should fit. If you have any questions about whether a Stearns & Foster mattress will fit your bed or furniture frame, we recommend that you refer to the specific product dimensions.

Can I have different heights of mattresses for each side?

If the mattresses you choose for your custom Split King/CA King are of different heights, our Sleep Experts can help you understand how our power bases may be able to help offset differences in mattress height.

Will your mattress make me hot?

Stearns & Foster® designs every mattress with breathable materials to keep them as cool as they are comfortable.

  • AirVent System: Ventilated coil systems work with external air vents to help prevent heat build-up in your mattress to promote cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night.
  • Top Panel with Tencel™: A stretch-knit covering featuring Tencel, a sustainably sourced fiber used in athletic wear, designed to wick away moisture.

Can I use my electric blanket or heating pad with my mattress?

We recommend you do not use either electric blankets or heating pads with our mattresses. Longer periods of exposure to the heat from electric blankets or heating pads may damage the mattress.

Do I need to rotate my mattress?

Yes, we recommend that you occasionally rotate your

Stearns & Foster mattress.

Why are the benefits to adding a power base?

A power base is the perfect choice for those who want to relax or sleep with virtually unlimited ergonomic positions. All Stearns & Foster mattresses are compatible with EASE®, TEMPUR-Ergo® and TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend power bases.

For delivery, can a Stearns & Foster mattress be bent?

Yes, delivery staff can bend the mattress during delivery if absolutely needed. We do not recommend bending further than 45 degrees; bending further could damage the coil structure. We recommend measuring and checking dimensions beforehand to ensure ease of delivery.

Where are Stearns & Foster mattresses built?

Stearns & Foster mattresses are all crafted in the U.S. at various facilities around the country.


What is a foundation?

Our foundations look similar to a standard box spring. But instead of the “give” of a box spring, our foundations provide a solid base for our mattresses.

Why do consumers need a foundation?

Foundations help support the mattress to prevent bowing or sagging. A flat surface with sufficient center support is required to ensure complete warranty protection for a Stearns & Foster mattress.

What are Stearns & Foster flat foundations made of?

All Stearns & Foster flat foundations are made from high-grade wood, with a support structure constructed from high-gauge steel wire.

Do I have to purchase a Stearns & Foster foundation?

We encourage you to buy a foundation when you buy your mattress; it provides the solid base your mattress requires to do its job properly. If you choose not to purchase our foundation, you must position the mattress on a completely flat, solid surface with adequate center support. Please note that using the mattress without a Stearns & Foster foundation or similar firm, solid-surface, non-spring base may void the warranty.

Can I put your mattress on my existing box spring?

No, you should not place the mattress on a box spring. Box springs are designed to “give-in” supporting a traditional mattress, while Stearns & Foster mattresses require a solid base.

I have a platform bed. Do I have to buy your foundation?

If your platform bed has a solid surface and strong center support that can properly support the mattress, you can use it instead of a foundation. However, if the platform bed uses slats to support the mattress, you may be using an improper foundation that will void your warranty.

Can I place a piece of particleboard or plywood over a box spring to create a flat surface for my mattress?

No. A box spring is designed to support a traditional spring mattress, and it “gives”. Placing a piece of particleboard or plywood over a box spring will produce a surface that is unstable and will void your warranty.

How much weight will your foundation hold?

We designed each of our foundations to support the weight of a mattress plus two persons resting on top. Each foundation is designed to support approximately 600 pounds of weight.


Which mattresses can be used with your

power base?

We have made sure that our mattresses are compatible with any of our 3 power bases.

What is the height of your power bases?

  • For the EASE®, the minimum height with legs is 11” and the maximum height is 17”.
  • For the TEMPUR-Ergo®, the minimum height with legs is 11” and the maximum height is 17”.
  • For the TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend, the minimum height with legs is 11.3” and the maximum height is 17.3”.

What is the weight limit of your power bases?

Our power bases support up to 650 lbs. each (Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, and Split/Dual CA King bases). All power bases will structurally support the recommended weight distributed evenly across the head and foot sections. Power base products are not designed to support or lift the amount of weight in the head or foot sections alone.

Will your power base fit in my existing bed frame?

We have found that the power bases fit inside most modern bed frames. However, they may not fit inside antique bed frames or other non-standard frames. We recommend you measure the inside of the bed frame and compare to the measurements provided to be sure the power base will fit.

Where is the serial number on my power base?

To locate the serial number for your power base, look at the law tag attached to the cover, the power down box under the base and on the frame right below the foot end of the base. It may be easier to see by lifting the foot slightly if possible. The serial number is also printed on the owner’s manual shipped with the base.